Meet the Team:
About Allyson

Allyson Carter

Director of Media and Marketing

As the Director of Media and Marketing, Allyson is responsible for spreading awareness of the foundation and everything that we do. 

Allyson grew up near St. Louis in Illinois prior to attending Murray State University to obtain her degree in Social Sciences. Since graduating in 2022, she has been a substitute teacher and a nanny. She currently lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, dog, and three cats.

“I knew I had a passion for helping those struggling with their mental health when I first began my own battle with my mental health. I had a teacher who taught me what depression and other mental illnesses look like. Without that education, I would never have known I wasn’t alone, that nothing was wrong with me, and my brain was just sick. I have since been going to therapy regularly and being sure to confide in my loved ones when I need help.

My brother-in-law lost his battle and I want to do everything I can to help prevent that in others. I feel most passionate about our goals to educate youth about mental illness and provide them with the resources they need to get help. My hope is that therapy and other resources will become more readily available and affordable to those who need it. I miss my brother-in-law so much, but I know he would be so proud of his family for helping his legacy live on.”