What we do

Our goal is to help those battling their mental health in any way possible.

Ways We Help

Financial Assistance

We understand how difficult it can be to be able to afford the necessities, as well as the kind of toll that takes on mental health. Mental health resources are not nearly as accessible as they should be. That’s where we step in. We want to lessen the financial burden of getting people the help they need. 

Sometimes, the most helpful thing a person needs in times of crisis or difficulty is a listening ear. We want to make the connection between a person in need and mental health professionals. Often asking for help is the hardest step, let us take it from there. 

Providing care


There is a severe lack of education about mental health struggles, especially in rural areas of the United States where they are often most prevalent. We want to change that. Knowledge is a super power and we believe that if more people understood what they were going through, we could lessen their struggles. 

We would love to visit schools to educate young people about psychological issues and mental health struggles. This would provide them with the necessary tools to know what to do and that they are not alone when these difficulties arise in themselves or someone they know.  

The world needs more mental health professionals to help those who need it. We are ecstatic to provide the Zachary Thomas Carter Scholarship to students who are committed to becoming future mental health professionals. 

Because Zach was a creative person, we want to uplift other creative people. We plan to hold a photography contest to showcase local artists and help support their dreams. 

Lifting up our youth