Meet the Team:
About Blake

Blake Carter


Blake is our dedicated and passionate Executive Director, leading our nonprofit organization with skill and enthusiasm. With a keen focus on strategic planning, Blake works closely with our board of directors to develop and implement our long-term goals and objectives. He excels in fundraising and development, cultivating relationships with donors and securing vital financial support for our programs. Blake oversees program management, ensuring the effective implementation of our initiatives, while also providing financial oversight to ensure our organization’s sustainability. He actively engages with the community, collaborating with stakeholders and fostering strong relationships. With his leadership and supportive nature, Blake empowers our staff members to excel in their roles. His dedication to our mission drives us forward, making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Blake is married to Lindsay and together they have three hedgehogs; Cinnamon Roll, Coconut, and HazelNut, and two lively hamsters; Bacon and French Toast. Blake currently works in the Informational Technology field and is actively pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with concentration on Mental Health. With this degree Blake hopes to bring more offerings to the table from a professional level to help ZTC expand its roots in advocating for better, easily accessible, and more affordable mental health services.

“On June 22nd, 2022, my life was turned upside down. We lost my brother and best friend, Zachary, to suicide at the ripe young age of 21. After losing him we were all impacted by the lack of resources available to those facing anxiety, depression, and grief. It was this unfortunate loss, and the need to continue Zach’s love of mental health advocacy that led us to launch ZTC.”

Blake and his family are dedicated to helping bring awareness for suicide and mental health to the communities that they live and work in. Together they want to help spread smiles, awareness, and to help the current mental health care system become more affordable, and easily available for those that are in need. 

“Today’s mental health care system, in my eyes, is a joke. After the loss of Zach we were filled with depression, anxiety and grief and needed to seek professional help. Family members contacted multiple facilities just to be told the wait was 6-18 months or just didn’t receive a call back. If we struggled to find help while we were still functioning with mild depression and anxiety, how are those that are severely suffering getting treated when they are reaching out for treatment that could be life or death?”

Blake and his family have also launched “Zach’s Butterflies”, through these simple hand crocheted butterflies they hope to spread smiles and kindness. To let those that are struggling know that someone does care about them. “You never know how someone is feeling when you pass them on the street. A simple hello or smile could completely change their outlook on their day. A simple smile, hello, or short conversation could be the difference between them going home and not waking up tomorrow, or waking up tomorrow to see one more day.”

Together we can make a difference in society. Suicide and Mental Health is talked about more now than what it was 20-30 years ago. Back then these topics were kept “hush-hush”, if you knew someone or a family member affected by either of these you felt ashamed. Today these topics are more widely discussed and shared, but not where they should be.

“I feel that these topics are something that should be talked about more. Suicide awareness training such as QPR training should be more readily available. By teaching more members of the general public warning signs and steps to mitigate suicide, we as a society can help this pandemic.”