Meet the Team:
About Lindsay

Lindsay Carter

Director of Graphic Design

Meet Lindsay Carter, the artistic visionary behind the Zachary Thomas Carter Foundation. As our Director of Graphic Arts, Lindsay’s creative prowess knows no bounds. Her journey with the foundation is as vibrant as the colors she brings to life through her designs.

Lindsay’s mission is clear: to give our cause a visual voice that resonates with hearts and minds. With each stroke of her digital brush, she weaves together images and messages that inspire, educate, and uplift. Her work goes far beyond aesthetics; it’s a powerful tool in our mission to spread love and joy while addressing the critical issue of mental health.
In her personal life, Lindsay shares her world with her husband, Blake, who is not just the President and Chairman of our foundation but also her unwavering source of support and love. Together, they’ve cultivated a unique family that includes four delightful hedgehogs – Coconut, Cinnamon Roll, Hazelnut, and Pop Tart – and two spirited hamsters, Bacon and French Toast. It’s a household filled with creativity and boundless affection.
Beyond her artistic talents, Lindsay is a woman of compassion. Her dedication to the foundation is deeply personal, as it stands as a tribute to her brother-in-law, Zach, who bravely battled mental illness but left this world too soon. Lindsay understands the importance of the work we do, and her passion is evident in every pixel and brushstroke.
When she’s not transforming ideas into visual masterpieces, Lindsay enjoys savoring the simple joys of life with Blake and their unique furry companions. They find solace in the harmony of their unconventional family and the shared moments of creativity and love that fill their home.
Together with Lindsay’s artistic vision and unwavering dedication, the Zachary Thomas Carter Foundation continues to illuminate the path towards healing and hope. Join us in celebrating Lindsay’s talent and her commitment to making a profound difference in the world through the power of art and compassion.