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About Patrick

Patrick Russell


As treasurer, Patrick is responsible for keeping track of the foundation’s finances.

He was born in Parke County, Indiana and attended Turkey Run High School.  Three weeks after graduation he attended Navy boot camp and spent the next decade serving in the Pacific theater, including operation Desert Storm.  During his Naval service he attained a BS in Computer Science and later a MS in Electronic Commerce from National University.

After leaving the military, he was recruited to work for Lockheed Martin as a Software Engineer until 2012 when he decided to move back to Indiana to be closer to his family and girlfriend (now wife), Lisa Russell. This is when he started his career as a Data Analyst for the State of Indiana and continues to do so today.

He is a board game enthusiast with a catalog of well over 100 games and is currently studying to become a solar power engineer.

“Serving the ZTC Foundation is my way of honoring my son’s memory. I know first hand the suffering and loss experienced by the untimely passing of a loved one. By helping those who struggle to get from one day to the next we also, by extension, help all the lives touched by them.”